DIY: Transform your old shoes into new beauties with these simple tricks!

Shoes are an important item of clothing you almost cannot do without. They don’t just protect your feet while walking but they also tell a lot about your personality and they have diverse colors and style as they vary with occasions. They are not just accessories as you simply can’t resist a good a pair of shoes plus you can’t go wrong with how many shoes should be on your shoe rack!


Since these beauties are inescapable, they often wear out and as flexxers, there must be a couple of your favorite shoes you can’t get rid off but they are not exactly good looking as before.


Here are a couple of life hacks you need to rejuvenate your old shoes without having to order a new pair! These are simple tricks you can do yourself.


Peeling shoes

photo cred: thefrugalgirl

 If you wouldn’t want to dispose of those comfy flats or heels whose leathers have bad leathers.

Firstly, get a file (like the type you use for your nails) to take out all the loose leather till even. Then apply transparent glue all around the surface. Finally, apply your new fabric to the glued surface.

NB: You could apply glitter powder or your favorite patterned fabric whatever really suits your style.

Cut out the excess material and get ready to rock your new shoe!


Waterproof shoes

This method allows your shoes to retain its glow in the rainy season as muddy water slides off easily from your shoes. the first step is to apply dry candle wax all over the areas that are prone to stain. Lastly, use a hand dryer to even out all the scribbles you’ve made with then wax then leave to dry.

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Stained shoes


Shoes that aren’t glossy usually get stained with mud or perhaps a print of someone’s sole can leave a stubborn stain on one of your pair. This easy trick will help you have a sparkly clean show in no time. though it does sound ridiculous, it works! First you apply some toothpaste on the shoes and brush thoroughly with an old toothbrush. leave for 15 mins then rinse off. your shoes will look good as new!

Although we can pretend to be artsy cobblers, if the shoes are quite difficult to redeem please give them to actual professionals.

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