Different types of lecturers you’ll come across in school

Today is #WorldTeachersDay and we’re glad for all the people who have worked tirelessly to mould and educate us.

As a schooling or recently graduated Flexxer, we’re sure you came across different types of lecturers in school. We made a list of the types of lecturers we remember from school.

  • The strict lecturer: If you’re one second late, you wouldn’t enter the lecture room, if your phone makes ‘pim’ nko? just start saving money to get a new phone.
  • The “I can’t come and kill myself” lecturer: Rarely comes to the lecture halls but when they do? It is to give someone their lecture notes to dictate or write out on the board.
  • The entrepreneurial lecturer: You will buy over 20 handouts from this lecturer, in fact they like selling so much, buying a handout will be your test.
  • The not so funny lecturer: How many times have you had to fake laugh at their not so funny jokes because you needed that document signed?
  • The “If you like don’t pay attention” lecturer: These are the types of lecturers that never stops lecturing even if there’s a tsunami right in the hall or if it’s 4 hours past their class period.
  • The stingy with marks lecturer: These are the lecturers that say “A is for God, B is for the Holy Ghost, C is for me”
  • The jovial lecturer: Very nice, friendly lecturers that always smile.
  • The old school lecturer: By their afro and dressing, you shall know them…
  • The experienced lecturer: These lecturers have been everywhere, seen everything and know everyone, their lectures usually begin with “In 1734, when I was….”
  • The cool lecturer: They’re just really cool, dress hip and behave like young people.
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Did we miss out on some type of lecturers you know in school? Tell us in the comments section and we will add them!

Happy #WorldTeachersDay to all teachers.

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