6 things all fitfam flexxers can relate to, number 3 is too real

Living the healthy life isn’t easy, changing diets, exercising, drinking only water etc can be really demanding especially if you aren’t used to it but the gains are usually huge and will make you extremely happy if you stick with it.

People join the fitfam train for different reason, some join due to health issues, others to lose or gain weight while some just enjoy being totally fit and keeping their body in good shape and working conditions.

Whatever your reason for being fitfam is, we’re sure you can relate to these things.

  1. Calculating calories on each meal item like
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    2. 2. How your whole body feels like after 1 day of exercising
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3. The temptation of junk food and other foods that you should NOT be eating

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    4. How you feel about yourself after giving in to temptation and eating sneaking somewhere to eat the junk food


5. When someone says “you look good” you’ve lost weight , you’ve added weight” “wow, you look so fit”  etc

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6. When you’re now a true fitfam and someone tries to tempt you with unhealthy food


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