Here’s how to make tasty Jollof rice just because today is #WorldJollofDay

If there is one food we love in Nigeria, it is Jollof rice. Is any party complete without Jollof rice? No!

We love Jollof rice so much, we dedicated a day to it and that day is today, August 22. World Jollof Rice Day is celebrated on the 22nd of August, across the world.

In celebration of today, we want to learn how to make a pot of tasty Jollof goodness.



Grounded pepper (Tatashe, ata rodo and tomatoes)

Tomatoes paste

Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo)

Beef or Chicken Stock


Tablespoons Cooking oil


Minced Ginger

Teaspoon Curry powder and Thyme

Seasoning cubes

3 Bay Leaves

Tomatoes for Garnishing

Salt to Taste

Here’s a step by step tutorial video

Happy #WorldJollofDay Flexxer! Tell us how it turned out in the comments section.

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