Foreign TV shows we loved back then

Thanks to television sets, our childhood was absolute fun with different selections of shows to watch. The Nigerian TV shows were full with so much life lessons and the foreign ones were pure entertainment.

From comedy to family life to high school problems and so on, do you still remember these shows?

Fresh prince of Bel Air

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Will Smith has been giving us glorious acting goodness since way way back.

Family matters

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Hahaha, who could ever forget Steve Urkel and his nerdy cuteness? Definitely not us!


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Trailing the romantic lives and interactions of 6 friends, Friends was one of the best things to happen to TV.

Did you know the main characters in the show still get paid millions of dollars every year? Even though the show ended more than 10 years ago. How cool is that?

Buffy the vampire slayer

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Despite it’s garish premise, Buffy the vampire slayer still gave us some good laughs, it was such am exciting show.

Everybody hates Chris

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A comedy show that had us in stitches with laughter, the show was about comedian Chris Rock’s childhood and family.

Which of the shows was your favorite Flexxer?

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