How to achieve your saving goals in 6 months

Having been able to convince you in this post that it’s not too late for you to start saving right now, a lot of questions are probably running through your mind like ‘how do you start saving now’ and most importantly if you will be able to achieve your saving goal for the year.

Yes you can and here’s how.

  1. Set a saving goal/target: Take a long at your needs and set out the one you want met in 6 months, it can be saving for your rent by the end of the year, starting/growing your small business, getting a new phone, laptop or even a vacation. Once you’re able to determine what exactly it is that you’re saving for, then determine
  2. Set a saving timeline: This is calculating the amount you will have to save each month for the next 6 months so as to reach your saving goal.
  3. Get the best account for your savings: A bank account that offers you the best saving tips while nurturing and growing your savings? Oh yes, that’s what the Flexx account is and getting one takes just 4 minutes, why don’t you open yours right away?
  4. Edit your monthly budget to accommodate your savings: Now that you know you have to take more money from your income, you have to adjust your spending and budget to fit accordingly.
  5. Get other means of making money: Now is the best time to pick up side gigs and find means to make more money so your flexxing lifestyle and savings don’t suffer.
  6. DISCIPLINE is key: For you to achieve your saving goals, you have to discipline yourself to set aside the required amount every month, cut out some extra and frivolous spending and find means of making more money.

Goodluck Flexxer!


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