Yay!!! Welcome to the second half of the year. How are your saving goals holding up?

Happy new month Flexxer!

It’s been an exciting first half of 2017 and we hope the second half will be even more thrilling, productive and prosperous.

Did you read our post at the beginning of the year on achieving your new year goals and resolutions? It’s not a bad idea to re-read it even if you had before.

A major goal smart most young adults set is to save, especially as we grow up and become responsible for our future. Saving helps ensure financial freedom which is very key to a bright future.

Through regular saving, you can start your small own business, pay for rent, school materials and so many other things. That’s why the Flexx account was created to help Flexxers create wealth, spend smartly and save for the future.


So, what are your saving goals for 2017 and how far have you come achieving them?

If you’re making good on your savings goals – whether daily, monthly or weekly – that’s really great!

If you started and somehow stopped along the way, it’s not too late – now is the best time to pick yourself back up again and stay focused on those goals.

The second half of the year often leads to certain expenses, especially as the year inches closer to an end.  Having an account that makes saving easy, convenient and fun is essential to achieving your goals. That’s where Flexx comes in, so, if you don’t already have a savings account, click here to open one right here and right now. It only takes 4 minutes!

We would love to hear how your savings goals are holding up, so share with us and other Flexxers in the Comments section below.


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