How to ball on a 100k salary

For quite a number of us, the ultimate gratification we looked forward to after all the “harshness” we went through in school was the fat salaries we would be earning at our comfortable jobs but life and its sense of humor has a way of snapping one back to reality.

As an entry level worker, first salaries fall within the 80-100k range and and the robust salary won’t come through until maybe the second or third job and then it dawns that adulthood isn’t fun and games afterall; there are bills to be paid, personal advancements to be made and quite a number of things to do which all tug at your meager salary.

So how do you ball on a salary of say a hundred thousand naira and still have a life? Here’s how.

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Pack your lunch to work. A quick way to deplete your funds is to buy lunch everyday. If you had to buy lunch for ₦500 everyday, multiply that by 22 working days in a month and that leaves you with ₦11,000 short of your salary. Wake up on time to prepare your lunch and automatically save some extra cash.

Co-habit. If you live far away from your parents house, get an apartment with a friend or friends and split the rent. Money saved!

Hitch a ride. The ride-share culture is catching on fast in Nigeria as a means to cut cost and have lesser cars on the road so If you have colleague(s) who live close to you, make arrangements to ride with them to and from work and offer to pay for fuel periodically. Your pocket will thank you.

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Get a side hustle. They say the average millionaire has seven sources of income. Those with businesses on the side are the ones winning in the 21st century. Do you have skills like writing, dancing, singing, tutoring, drawing, cooking, etc? Monetize your hobby and stop doing it for free.

Take advancement courses. Because you’ve started at the bottom doesn’t mean you have to remain there. Improve your skill(s) and add to your knowledge base. Free and almost free classes abound on the internet; sign up for them and make yourself a valuable and indispensable team member then schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss a pay raise.


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Plan your outings. If you’re quite the party rocker, you’ll need to plan your outings so that you and your bank account aren’t in an unhealthy relationship. With your current earnings, you can’t afford impromptu outings so have them strategic. Otherwise, stay at home to read a good book, and listen to music to relax your nerves.



Save 10% of your earnings. Ten percent of your salary may seem like a very small amount but if you consistently save it for a year straight, you’ll be amazed at the huge difference it will make. Simply open an account that allows you automate your savings every month when the salary drops. Besides, something in the account is better than nothing at all.


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