3 things under N1500 we think you can’t live without

It’s no news that the Naira has lost some value, hence the inflated prices of goods and services.  You will need a lot of money to buy some really simple items but we’re here to bring you the good news of awesome things we think you can’t live without and is less than NGN 1,500.

Mobile data How else will you be able to connect with your friends, family and carry out lots of online activities. Most data plans that are below or exactly a thousand, five hundred Naira will last you for a month.

Jollof rice and Chicken 

Via Dooney’s Kitchen

 No really, can you do without a steaming hot plate of delicious Jollof rice and yummy chicken? No? We thought as much!

Your Flexx account, Debit (ATM) card and app  Did you know that opening a Flexx account is totally free? Yes, it is! Same with downloading the Flexx app for all your fun banking transactions. To unlock the full Flexx potential, your Flex debit card is needed and what’s even more awesome? You can get it in minutes whenever you step into any FCMB banking hall. 

Get your Flexx account here and welcome to the Flexx life.

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