Our favourite classic cartoons that have gotten real life movie remakes

Cartoons are one of our favorite childhood pastimes and memories from sleeping beauty to snow white and the rest, they’re all simply unforgettable and now movie makers are making us relive the beautiful memories by making real life movie versions of the cartoons. If you haven’t seen any of the movies, you should totally do that ASAP because they’re too much fun.



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The official Cinderella movie was released in 2015, even though there have been several Cinderella-like movies like “Ella Enchanted”.  They skipped most of the songs/soundtracks in the remake, but actors, Lily James and Richard Madden still managed to do a fantastic job of making the movie a fun one. Cinderella will have you pining for prince charming all over again.

Beauty and the beast

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Loved Emma Watson as Hermione in Harry Potter series? You’ll love her even more as belle in Beauty and the Beast. Everything about this remake makes our heart flutter with happiness, from the songs to the amazing cast. The beauty and beast remake is still showing in cinemas as it came out last month.

Jungle book

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If you thought the jungle book cartoon was awesome, you should watch the movie remake then, it is beyond awesome, it is simply fantastic and will have you gripping the edge of your seats with every scene. The movie carted home some awards at this year’s Grammys, it was that good.

Alice in wonderland

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The popular Alice in the wonderland cartoon and story got its movie remake in 2010 and its second part last year. Trust Johnny Depp to bring its gothic twists to utmost perfection.

Sleeping beauty/Maleficent

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Did you watch Maleficent in 2014? We bet you didn’t put it together at first that it was a remake of Sleeping beauty? It was so brilliantly acted out, we fell in love with both beauty and the witch who later turned out to be the “True love”


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Other classic cartoons getting movie remakes in the coming years are Mulan, Lion King, The little mermaid, snow white, Aladdin  etc. Oh, we so can’t wait!

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