From small to sufficient – Chigbogu Francis shares his journey to success with us.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Chinonso Francis Chigbogu. I’m a student of the National Open University of Nigeria,  first runner up of the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest and also a fashion enthusiast living in Northern Nigeria. Artwork and illustration were my gateway to the creative industry which led to my interest in fashion And designing.

I also own a fashion and design center called Normenson Fashion Inspirations.

Where did the idea/concept for this business stem?

Starting with basic designs several years ago I found myself loving fashion and designing. Out of the love for artistic designs, my passion for functional and structural fashion evolved jumping right into photoshooting.

Tell us about life after the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest.

Life after the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest has been awesome and amazing. I have been able to realize more and more hidden potentials that i didn’t know existed within me. The FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest is my my first ever contest and it has immensely boosted my moral and courage.

It made me understand that my resolution to succeed is more important than anything. Which made me realize that “there’s a me no one knows, ready to be set free” I feel so unstoppable.

There are other people in this field, what sets your Business apart?

Before the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest, I was lacking in the area of meeting up with 50% demand of my customers. One of the problems that almost set my business apart was the inability to meet up with demands and make profit. But ever since I became a flexxer I have been able to overcome all these challenges through the help of the FCMB Flexx App/Flexx zone.

During the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest, you mentioned some things you would do if you won the Grand Prize of NGN  150,000. Tell us what you have done with the prize money won?

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Coming second place in the FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest, I was given a huge sum NGN 100,000 grand Prize which immediately solved the problem of  Structure that my business faced. I used some part of the money to restructure and the repackage my workshop/fashion centre. I have also taken the necessary steps towards registering my business name with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. In addition, I acquired more equipments that will enable me do designs I couldn’t do before.

How has the flexxyour creativity contest impacted your Business?

The FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity contest has  impacted me and my business positively. It has added the label of prestige to my business, exposing me to a world where there are no borders, no boundaries. 

What has patronage been like for your business after the #FlexxYourCreativity contest?

Patronage level of my business has gone higher than it used to be.  I can perhaps say that as a result of an increase in patronage, my profit and income has also increased too. I have decided to employ more youths in order to meet up with the increasing demand. The help of marketing communication channels, digital marketing: like advertising, Social media and other platforms. I was also able to capture more and more customers through Facebook and Instagram. 

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

Ever since the reawakening of the endless style in “Africa” the opportunity is overwhelming. In the next 5 years I wish to see my business and my brand not just in Nigeria, but in Africa and the rest of the world. I dare to be a successful Fashion Designer. I look forward to seeing my brand on front covers of leading magazines with my designs  showcasing Africa to the world.

What are your advice to other talented lexxers like you but are afraid to take the next step?

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If you have a dream don’t just sit there, gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.  How to achieve this is to start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Thank you for your time Chibogu. We wish you success in your future endeavours

Thank you.

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