About the fit life: Jogging

Jogging is one of the easiest and cheapest workout routines, it offers tremendous health benefits that keeps you super fit. Here are some things to note before you start the jogging exercise.

  1. Gear: Running shoes are the most important, make sure you get comfortable and slightly bigger canvas/sneakers to give your toes and feet wiggle room. As for clothing, you can wear shorts and tank tops, joggers, leggings or sweater depending on the weather, also have a bottle of water close by for dehydration.
  2. Where to jog: Outdoors and treadmill are the major places to jog, you can try both to decide which one suits you better. Treadmill jogging has an upper advantage because jog on it anytime of the day irrespective of the weather.
  3. Best way to jog: Start by walking then slowly pick up a pace until you’ve gotten to a level you’re comfortable with. While jogging, it is best to land on the ball of the heel and push with your toes, you’re doing a good job if it feels like you are gliding, with few or no pressure or weight on your feet.
  4. Best time to jog: Some people prefer the early hours of the day while others prefer late afternoon/evening. Choosing the best time that works for you can be based on what you want to achieve. Morning jogs can help you burn more fat because you are fresh, well-rested and most of the time, on an empty stomach, afternoon/evening jogs on the other hand can help you blow-off steam and accumulated stress from the day.

Let’s go get fit, fam!


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