Happening Friday in ABU Zaria

Hey there Flexxer, are you or your friends students of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria?

If you think the Convocation is the only thing on campus this Friday, think again ‘cuz we are doubling the fun and excitement for you at the FlexxHub launch!!!


Wondering what The FlexxHub is?

It’s a cool spot for you to enjoy free wifi and other freebies, open your Flexx account and ask us all the questions you have about the Flexx life.

What’s even more awesome, there are ATM spots for you to make seamless transactions without stepping into a bank. How cool is that!

Expect lots of fun and sharing lots of gifts from tomorrow, 23rd November as we count down to the Grand opening on Friday. You don’t want to be left out so check for updates on social media and participate in our quizzes to win free airtime!

Let’s get flexxing!

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