Flexx for a week, Flexx forever

Are you young, fun and simply amazing?

Would you like your awesomeness to be featured on our flexxer of the week page?

Yes! We would love to feature you too.

Simply send your Flexxing selfie, name, hobbies, hustle and location to theflexxzone@fcmb.com

Here’s a quick example:

Name: Tolulope Akande

Hobbies: Music, dancing, Reading, Partying

Hustle: Student

Location: Lasgiddy

Don’t forget to attach your picture as well.

See you on the Flexxing side!


General Guidelines For The Flexxer Of  The week

By sending in your entry as the Flexxer of the week, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • You are between the ages of 18-30 years
  • Your picture may be used for Flexx promotional content
  • Your entry is devoid of any indecent or obscene content
  • The Flexxer Of The Week’s picture may only be put up for a week
  • Flexxer image selections are random and not based on popularity or favouritism
  • First City Monument Bank’s decision in respect of all manners to do with the Flexxer of the week is final and binding

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