All the emotions we felt with the launch of iPhone7

So, the launch of Apple’s latest flagship devices (iPhone7 and iPhone7s) was yesterday and it broke the internet.

When we first heard that iPhone7 was launching soon, we were like


Via Twitter

Turn up

When Apple announced the price and we heard that it was almost #300,000


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300 thousand naira for phone in this economy?

When we saw that the Airpods weren’t ‘follow come’ 


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 Wait what?

And that they cost an extra #64,000


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 64,000 naira for earpiece pere

While other people will be bringing out money to buy the new devices like


Via Giphy

We will be looking at them and judging them like this


Via Twitter

Look at them wasting money. Shior!

And to Apple, we say


Via Twitter


So what do you think Flexxers, you buying the iPhone7 or nah?

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