The entrepreneur starter kit

So you read the story of a start-up that is steady cashing out and it has left you giddy with excitement, you immediately want to set up your “thing” right? Well, slow your row soldier, first of all find out if you possess the necessary traits of an entrepreneur.



If Rome were built in a day, best believe we would all use the contractors. Patience is a major key to success as an entrepreneur; major key!


Take a cue from the telecom guys. To increase your market share and remain tops in the mind of your customers, you must be fantastically competitive.


When life comes shaking your business, will you drop it like it’s hot or maintain your doggedness and weather the storm? Live, Eat, Breathe, Love, Talk your business.


If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, then you’re good to go! You’re not an entrepreneur for any other reason than to sell!


The ability to wear many hats is a necessary prerequisite. At the start of your business, you’ll double as CEO, PR, and Social media manager, Delivery, etc.


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