How To Detty December On A Budget

How To Detty December On A Budget

How To Detty December On A Budget

Detty December lasts for a while but January sapa endures for a long time! 😁 While you’re getting lit this December, let’s remember that January has 57 long days and you have to save ahead so you’re not sighing every time you open your wallet and FCMB Mobile App

With that being said, here are five ways to enjoy December rocks on a budget as a smart Flexxer. 😊

  • Repeat after me, this is not the season to be a lone ranger! Move together with your friends so you can share cab rides, meals etc and save up on funds. Bonus point; moving in groups helps keep you safe and accountable

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  • There’s always rice at home. I know you’re itching to dine at fancy restaurants this season but cooking at home will save you a lot of money. You can visit some other time; there will always be restaurants to have your fine dining done when you’re financially stable
  • Set a spending limit. Salaries usually come in earlier than expected during Christmas and before you realize it, you’re down to your last 5k. Avoid being cash trapped and have a budget for every movement
  • Remember you and your IJGB friends don’t earn in the same currency. There’s a lot of catching up to do in December when your friends in the diaspora come home for the holidays. So, eat before leaving home and choose inexpensive spots where you all can hang out and will not cause damage to your pocket.
  • And lastly, avoid purchasing exorbitant concert tickets. There are a ton of inexpensive and even free concerts happening this season. 😎
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