10 Flexxers Shared Their 2023 Desires With Us

10 Flexxers Shared Their 2023 Desires With Us

10 Flexxers Shared Their 2023 Desires With Us

What’s that one thing you hope to have in the year 2023? Money? Fit Body? New Job? etc. Well, we asked a few Flexxers what the one desire is they would like to see happen for them in the year 2023 and their responses were nothing short of interesting. Have a look!

Fisayo (28/Graphics Designer) To let love locate me to be honest. The breakfast I’ve been served is enough to last me a lifetime. I just want to find my own person that we’ll be each other’s peace and wear matching PJ’s by December 2023.😁

Boma (29/Strategist) At my big age, you would think I would have the courage to get behind the wheel and drive but Lagos drivers scare me and would rather have a driver. However, ride hailing apps have drained me financially and I hope to conquer my fear of driving in 2023 and go beyond my estate gate.

Caesar (23/Corper) I really want to get a good paying job after my service year in 2023. I come from a middle-class family and my parents don’t have any connections to get me into the companies I would love to work with. So, I’m hoping that the skills I’ve picked up and the little networking I’ve done so far will get me into the labour market in no time

Abu (25/ Entreprenur) Expanding my clothing business beyond Kaduna would be a major win for me in 2023. I make male clothing and I know I’m good at it 😊(reviews don’t lie) But, I know there’s more out there and I’m willing to explore. Maybe you can make me the next Flexxpreneur so I can reach an even wider audience 😁

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Mosun (27/Social Media Manager) Ahh, my number one goal for 2023 is to lose weight. Dropping 2-3 dress sizes down would be a huge win for me. Even though food is sweet but life is sweeter abeg. I live a sedentary lifestyle because I work remote but I have to do something about the weight. Also, it doesn’t help that my Mum and I now wear the same dress size πŸ˜…

Ifeanyi (24/Influencer) I want to open my content creation studio in 2023. The market is vast and I want to be a key player in the content creation ecosystem.

Ada (26/Software Developer) Omo, a major win for me in 2023 will be to finally have my apartment. It doesn’t help that my parents don’t understand my job and feel I just press my laptop all day. It’s annoying enough that they send me on market errands in the middle of a work day but maybe when I move to Lagos and then start making big bucks, I can rest πŸ˜ͺ

Ozo (28/Writer) I want to be published on 2 major sites and finally finish my second novel. I’m hoping 2023 is the year I experience tremendous growth in my career sha. Oh, and I also want to take less carbonated drinks in 2023 😊

Wale (30/Banker) By April 2023, I’ll officially be team 30+ and I can’t be doing this Lagos wahala at my jurassic age. I’m hoping my japa plans come through in 2023 and I move abroad.

Fidel (22/ Unemployed) – To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought. Maybe because I just finished my finals and waiting for service year, so it’s like I’m still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase; but I do know I want to earn more in 2023 and take better care of myself.

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Names have been changed to keep them anonymous but you can join the Flexxer WhatsApp group and mingle with them; who knows your goals may align and will help one another achieve your 2023 desires.

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