Tech Bros/Babes Talk About What It's Like Working In Tech

Tech Bros/Babes Talk About What It’s Like Working In Tech

Tech Bros/Babes Talk About What It’s Like Working In Tech

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Tech is the new oil”. The jostling for careers in the oil and gas sectors has seen a major decrease since Tech began making waves; this is not surprising when you consider that most of the Technology we use today did not exist 15-20 years ago.

With the Tech boom also came its players; young individuals changing the world, writing codes on their sticker-laden laptops, designing interfaces, etc. casually dressed and working remotely from anywhere in the world.

We spoke to a few tech bros/sis in entry-level and mid-management who currently work in tech and are helping create and design a better future.

Kamsi, 26 – Product Designer. When anyone asks me how I got into Tech, I usually tell them I stumbled into tech. I majored in architecture in school and thought I had mapped out a great career plan. I had a robust portfolio, graduated with honours and was bent on getting a job at a top architecture firm in Victoria Island; that had been my dream for as long as I can remember. But, when my first, second and even third choice of employment had turned me down, I knew I had to rethink my strategy.

I had gone to a friend’s house to eat Sallah meat and saw the Figma application open on his laptop. It piqued my interest and I went to learn more about it.  Youtube was really helpful when I started out, but nothing beats hands-on experience. I shared a couple of designs I worked on with some startup founders on Twitter and Linkedin, did some freelance gigs and landed my first big girl tech job about a year after.

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Pros: I get to work on exciting projects. There’s so much to learn, so much! If you’re the type to thirst for new knowledge, you’ll love working in tech. Plus, my co-workers are brilliant and I’m just grateful to learn from them

Cons: You have to be intentional about having a social life. Working from home has made me antisocial. I could go days without stepping out of my apartment or talking to anyone. I need human interaction sometimes to balance

Richard, 28 – Fullstack developer. For someone who studied Computer Science, working in Tech I’d say has always been the only plan; there was no plan B. Like most developers, I started with HTML, learned basic Javascript, and then moved on to CSS, PHP and others.

Cons: I’m happy to teach others but sometimes, the daily interruptions from fixing others’ broken codes can be tiring. Also, maybe because 30 is knocking, but my posture is messed up and I have constant backaches – although, I won’t deny my seating posture is messed up, however, I’m consciously working on making it better.

Pros: The money is quite good 😁

*Names have been changed to conceal their identity


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