Easing Back To School Activities After ASUU Strike

Easing Back To School Activities After ASUU Strike

With the strike called off and academic activities gradually picking up, easing back into the academic routine may be a tad uneasy; but with these tips, you’ll get back into the swing of things in no time.

But before we begin, I hope you still remember your matric number😂. Ok, let’s dive in!

  • Ensure your environs are clean, safe and free from reptiles. Your apartment/dormitory has been abandoned for almost a year; overgrown weeds, floods, break-in attempts and other incidences have most likely happened. Clean out your dorm/apartment to be sure reptiles and rodents haven’t made a nest in your space. Also, be sure to change the locks on your doors to avoid theft
  • Have a budget for everything! The prices of goods and commodities aren’t the same as when you left school 8 months ago. Prices have skyrocketed due to inflation; therefore, create a weekly budget for your spending and follow it strictly. I know you haven’t seen most of your friends in months and you’ll be tempted to hang out with them, but you must remember that these are economically volatile times and money has to be spent wisely. Failure to plan your money well will have you broke in no time and we all know being broke is a major distraction.
  • Next, touch base with your Level Advisor. You can’t afford to lose any more time at this point so you should seek advice from your level advisor on matters pertaining to your degree. If your CGPA was rocky before the strike, find out what available opportunities and other activities to get involved with to take to make up for lost time and have your grades looking healthy.
  • Study and study some more! It is common knowledge that in situations like this, students will most definitely be rushed into tests and exams to make up for the lost time. You can’t afford to have any carryovers so you have to diligently study and get prepared for impromptu tests.
  • Lastly, know that you’re not alone. You’re playing the hand you were dealt, likewise your coursemates. Try not to burden yourself with all that’s happening; seek help and guidance when you feel stuck or overwhelmed. You’ll do more than just fine! Remember to have fun and take each day as it comes. Wishing you all the best and as always, we’re rooting for you!
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