How Not To Take People's Breath Away

How Not To Take People’s Breath Away

How Not To Take People’s Breath Away

I remember having a conversation with an acquaintance but couldn’t focus because their breath was literally about to take mine away! There’s nothing as unsettling as speaking with someone in close proximity but they have bad/stale breath.

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Whether it’s due to poor oral hygiene or an underlying condition, bad breath kills your confidence and shuts down any form of physical interaction in an instant.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to combat dragon breath so that you don’t take people’s breath away; literally.

  • Brush twice every day. Whether you’re going to be indoors all day or not, ensure you brush first thing in the morning when you wake up and also before going to bed to get rid of debris and leftover food
  • Invest in a tongue scraper. Get rid of excess bacteria on your tongue by scraping out the remnants that your brush couldn’t get
  • Use an alcohol-free anti-bacterial mouthwash to swish and gargle to keep your breath fresh
  • Use breath mints or breath freshening sprays after eating meals that contain garlic, onions, tuna/sardines, etc.
  • Floss – Flossing takes out the remnants of food stuck between your teeth; no matter how little. They’re cheap and effective so always have them handy
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water to prevent dry mouth
  • Chew sugar-free gum to boost the production of saliva. Look out for chewing gums that contain xylitol, they’re a healthier alternative
  • Lastly, ensure you schedule regular visits to your dentist regularly for checkups and cleaning.
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