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Become A Better Team Player with These Tips

Good teamwork is a significant catalyst for success in every workplace. As a member of a team, it is essential to contribute to its growth and work with others effectively to meet collective goals.

Being a great team player will help you succeed in any workplace and any industry, as it is an essential skill that is highly sought after by recruiters and organizations.

To become a better and more efficient team player, here are some things you’ll need to learn:

Get A Grasp of Your Role

Delegating concept. Wooden figurines and arrows as symbol of role delegation.

To fully contribute to the growth of your team and in turn, the whole organization, it’s essential to understand what your role is, as well as the expectations and the elements that help you perform effectively.

Communicate Effectively

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In this article, we shed some light on the importance of communication in the workplace, as well as the communication skills that will help you succeed. As a team member, it is required that you
keep your team updated on the progress and status of your projects. Ensure you stay in the loop and keep your team in the loop, as well.

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Solve Problems

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The best way to facilitate change is to discover a problem and find a way to solve it. If there are problems in your team that could deter its growth or issues regarding a particular project, you could find a way to solve it. By doing this, you’ll prove yourself as valuable and help to steer the team in the right direction, in your little way.

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Respect Your Team Members

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It’s essential to recognize your team members, always. Respect their opinions, views and respective roles, even if they hold lower positions than you do. Treat them as equal, regardless of their gender or religion.

Celebrate Wins

Shot of two young work colleagues greeting each other with a fist pump while being seated in the office

Whether it’s the completion of a project, a new certification, a successful appraisal or even a promotion, you should endeavour to celebrate individual and collective wins of your team, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem.

Provide Support and Encouragement

A man encouraging and hugging a colleague

Be a good sport and help your team members whenever you can. If a colleague seems overwhelmed or confused with a specific task, you can step in and provide support. Also, you can give encouragement and words of upliftment during downtimes.

Be Collaborative

Workplace, laptop screen, group of people talking by internet.

Effective teamwork is impossible without collaboration. No matter how much you prefer working alone, it’s advisable to loosen up and learn how to work with others. Share your ideas and listen to those of others. While it’s important to focus on your individual goals, it’s also important to keep the goals of the team in mind, so you can work with others to achieve them.

Be Accountable


Accountability is an excellent way to show how much of a competent team player you are. Take your role seriously and hold yourself responsible for the actions you take and the errors you make. Also, try to avoid pushing the blame to others and being too proud to acknowledge your faults.

Show Commitment

Shot of a young businesswoman using a digital tablet during a late night at work

To a large extent, the quality of work you put in is determined by your level of commitment. Be invested in your team enough to put your best foot forward. By being committed, you’ll contribute positively to the team and encourage your fellow team members to do so.

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Be Willing to Learn

Concentrated young African American black guy sitting on heated floor at modern coffee table in living room, looking at laptop screen, online courses studying, listening to coach, writing down notes.

No matter how skilled or intelligent you are, there are always gaps in your learning and knowledge to fill. Don’t be too proud to learn from others or acknowledge that you need some assistance when necessary. Your growth is not only influenced by your efforts but by that of others.

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