The Perfect Valentine Gift

Yaay! It’s the season of love. How excited are you? If you are looking to make Valentine worthwhile for a person or people dear to you, we have some fantastic ideas for you.

Let’s run through these gifts;

1. Go out for Dinner

Take that special someone out to a fancy restaurant and have meals with names too difficult to pronounce, topped-up with great wine. Remember, you don’t get to do this throughout the year. So, doing it once should not wreck your bank account.

2. Cook a Delicacy

Here is an alternative for those not willing to blow up a chunk of their savings in a fancy restaurant. Your Valentine’s day celebration can still be fun when you invite Bae or family members. All you have to do is cook a delicious meal. Set the table and some music if you want. What more can your partner possibly ask?

3. Solve a problem

Sometimes, the gifts that make an impact are the thoughtful ones that involve taking care of a loved one’s need. E.g, Tochi needs glasses to see better. It’s not a romantic gesture, but you get her one anyway. It shows that you noticed the little things.

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4. Visitation

When was the last time you saw Mummy Taju? What is other time there to catch up with people who at one point in your life meant something to you? Make an old friend’s day by popping up in their house or agreed meeting point and you’d have given that person a wonderful valentine gift.

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5. Accessories

We can’t leave the obvious one out of the list. For some people, a perfect valentine is one that comes with jewellery, bags, shoes, clothes, perfumes and the like.

6. Art Work

You’d be surprised how heart-warming a little pencil drawing on a plain sheet can be. Take it a notch higher by drawing a portrait, carvings or any other artwork that isn’t too difficult for you to get your hands on. Personalise it and make it about the person — e.g., a throw pillow with the picture of your loved one printed on it, etc.

7. Free Tickets

If you can’t spend time with loved ones due to proximity or time, you can always send a ticket to a game or the movies. While they are out with your ticket, you will be remembered.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What would you deem the perfect valentine gift for you?

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