The Flexxer’s guide to living a happy life on campus

Dear Flexxer, think of school as a buffet: you’re given a plate to serve yourself from the different ‘delicacies’, but there’s only one rule – you have to put everything on your plate, no matter how full it gets.

You’ve got lectures, tests, assignments, projects, relationships, stress, friendships, extra-curricular activities and more, and you must put them all on your plate while maintaining your balance. How crazy is that?

The bottom line is, you have a lot to deal with as a student. Trying to balance your social life and academics can be truly stressful. So, how do you maintain a happy and healthy state of mind, while juggling school activities?

1. It’s okay to fail

The university is a competitive ground filled with different and unique talents. Nobody expects you to be the best in everything. If you fail at one venture, try another. Keep failing until you pass.


2. Make good friends

It’s not about just chatting occasionally with your course mates. You need to surround yourself with friends who have your best interest at heart. They are the ones to console you when things go south or encourage you when you are about to give up.

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3. Enjoy your class

If you do not understand numbers, then you have no business studying statistics or mathematics, transfer to a course you can relate easily with.


4. Take time off

Sometimes, it is necessary to take time off everything and relax. Don’t panic over tests and assignments. Spend time in your room sleeping, watch a movie or go out to have a quiet dinner. Just relax!

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5. Get out of your comfort zone

Take daring but healthy risk, as this can help boost your level of creativity. Leave your inner circle and do things you usually wouldn’t do. Like, join a new and different club, make new friends, etc.


6. Stay in touch with your family

Our families have a way of keeping us sane and not overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the university ground. Keep in touch with family, ask for advice when you need them, don’t bottle things up. Most importantly, when holidays come along, go home.

7. Eat and exercise

Don’t forget to eat healthy meals and exercise while you’re at it. You will be a lot more productive when you eat and feel less cranky. Plus, your exercise, whatever the routine, will help you feel good.


8. Stop worrying so much

You have a lot of things to do…right?! Well, so does everyone else. Will your worries make a tree grow? Nope! Take one step at a time, live in the moment and stop worrying so much.

9. Have real fun

It’s party time! Go out and flex with friends. Enjoy your independence and let go of the stress. If partying is not your way of unwinding, then plan fun activities you like, as long as you get out of the hostel and forget about your books for a while.


What is it like for you in school right now? It’s okay to share. The comment section is for you.


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