Hustle 101: 10 of the best side-hustles to kickstart

“How can I be of service?”

What we have today are convenience-craving consumers who are seeking for services to be brought to their doorstep at a cheap and affordable price. With the internet, mobile banking, POS, online stores, and so on, running domestic errands have become easier and looking to be even more flexible.

If you are looking to try out easy service businesses you can do to pass the time while you raise money for your dream start-up, or you are looking to develop a service business into a full-blown lucrative venture, here are ten(10) you can choose from.

1. Dry cleaning (pick and deliver)

The dry-cleaning business is a common venture in Nigeria. You can take advantage of it by picking up clothes that need to be washed from clients, give it to local dry cleaners to do the actual cleaning and when ready, deliver to the customer. Better still, you can do the cleaning yourself.

2. Food delivery

This can work in two ways. You can either (if you have culinary skills) cook and deliver to people in their place of choice or run a system that helps clients order for food from the restaurant of their choice. All you need to do here is to deliver them.

3. Freelance personal shopper

You don’t have to be affiliated with a boutique or store to be a personal shopper. Simply open a business page on social media and offer valuable advice on what people should wear to different occasions as well as the stores to patronize. Before you know it, people will begin to pay for your service.

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4. Packing and unpacking service

What people want is to be able to go to work or just recline, while someone else helps move their belongings from the old house to the new, without hassle. If you can provide that service, you are in business.

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5. Event planning

So many opportunities here. While your clients give you the specifics and budgets, you can cater to their events; weddings, birthday parties, child dedications, launches, anniversaries, and a whole lot more.

6. Freelance writing

This is so cool if you have the competencies. Simply advertise online and before you know it, people will begin to ask you to help them write content.

7. Business plan consulting

If you have knowledge and skill in this area, then you can show clients how to go about presenting their best-laid plans with a fee attached to it, of course!

8. Travel agent

With this, you can arrange tourist centres, airline tickets, hotels, cruise lines, travel insurance, vacations and general tour packages for both locals and foreigners.

9. Tutoring

What subjects or courses are you good at? You can teach kids, young or old. Plus, if you’re an undergraduate, you can organize a tutorial for your mates at a fee, and even teach external tutorial centres.

10. Catering servicing

Who doesn’t like food? This is a business that never goes extinct. Aside from the restaurant or ‘buka’ business, you can also cater for party food, cakes, drinks, small chops and the like. Nigerians after all, love their parties, so rest assured you won’t be running out of business anytime soon.

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Do you know what service business you are going to be starting? Have you started one yet? Share with us in the comment section.

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