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After NYSC, What next?

Many times, the question “after NYSC, what next?” keeps ringing in the ears of corps members. While some feel secure because they have leverage, others are greatly bothered and fear the unknown. If you are unsure of what next after service, below options will guide you.


  1. Further your studies

After youth service, you can opt to further your education by getting a second degree or a master’s degree. This sets you aside from your peers and may increase your chances of getting a good job.

  1. Learn a skill

There is an endless list of skills that can be acquired. Some of these skills can be learnt online, so you should take advantage of the internet to acquire them.


Top Flexxzone picks:


  1. Start a trade

For those with the entrepreneurial mindset, starting up a trade is a great option to explore. Get started with a business that falls in line with your passion and there’s no telling how far you can get.


  1. Search for a job

After youth service, it’s time to go job hunting. Don’t just send out your CV to friends and family and fold your arms; reach out to organizations, too. Also, be sure to prepare yourself for tests and interviews, so you are ready when the right opportunity comes.


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