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4 things to consider when buying yourself a car

Owning a car is a luxury for some people, but for many, it is a necessity. Young flexxers may need a car for school, for running business or simply to go to work. If you are considering buying your own car, you need to consider these factors:

  1. The price: The first thing is to consider is the price of the car. It must be what you can comfortably afford. You can buy a new or fairly-used car, but the key thing is to ensure it is affordable and within your budget.
  2. The condition: This is most important when buying a fairly-used car. You should get the whole vehicle checked out by a professional; especially the engines, brakes, steering and other important parts.
  3. The fuel consumption: Fuel consumption varies from car to car and it’s dependent on the size, brand and engine capacity. Save on expenses and get a car with low fuel consumption rate.
  4. Cost of maintenance: Maintaining a car can be very expensive. You need to ensure the car you are buying is not a faulty one, and secondly, that the cost of spare parts is bearable, as this also varies from brand to brand.‎


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