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How computer generated imagery (CGI) works.

Via Hollywood Reporter

CGI (Computer-generated imagery) is the application of computer graphics and designs to create
three-dimensional images and special effects in live-action, animated movies, and television
programs. It has become very rampant in Hollywood movies and is gradually making its way into
Nollywood, too.

So, how does it work?
Firstly, before any computer work is done, the script has to be hashed out to the finest details – all
the imagery, background and movements. Then, designers create a series of computer-generated
graphics, after which they go on to bring them to life. To make the graphics look real, creators pay
special attention to details such as texture, lighting, and color. These details are what make
animations look real and not cartoonish.

In live-action films, the graphics are mixed into the previously filmed scene. This makes lighting very
important. The lighting on the graphics must match the lighting from the scene in order for the
finished product to be seamless.

CGI has come a long way in the movie industry. Not only has CGI been used in live-action movies,
such as Avatar, Jurassic Park and Planet of the apes, it has also played an important role in
animated films like Toy Story, Moana and Frozen.

The first fully computer-generated animated film was “Toy Story". The CGI effects used in this film
brought toys to life and made the humans in the film seem real.

Not every movie makes good use of CGI, but when they do, it usually turns out looking really good.

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