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Top 5 online comedians in Nigeria presently

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The advent of social media has given rise to a new type of celebrity – the online celebrity. Many creative and funny people now have a platform to showcase their talent for the world to see and, without doubt, it has become a really lucrative business for the popular ones.

Here, we take a look at some of the best online comedians in Nigeria.

  1. Maraji: A very talented comedian. She started gaining online traction when she posted videos of her dancing and lip-syncing lyrics of songs while she was in Covenant University. After that, she moved on to doing proper comedy videos and hasn’t looked back ever since. Maraji has over 900,000 followers on all her online platforms and she obviously won’t stop there.
    Via Nigerian today
  2. Lasisi Elenu: Struck gold in 2017 when he started posting videos of himself ranting about all the annoying yet relatable things that happen in Nigeria. His videos had him using a popular snapchat filter. Lasisi arguably has one of the fastest paced followers, it took him less than 5 months to grow 500,000 followers.
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  3. Crazeclown: Regarded as the king of online comedy in Nigeria, Crazeclown is one of the earliest breakouts in this category. He was the first online comedians to reach one million followers, which is a really big deal. He started his videos while in Medical School in Ukraine and gained popularity by posting the most relatable things that happen in African homes.
    Via Linda Ikeji’s Blog
  4. Twyse: Started doing comedy skits out of afterschool boredom to keep busy, he has since gained popularity for his comedy skits. He shot a movie in 2017 (Twyse and family) featuring many other online celebrities.
    Via Punch newspaper
  5. Klintoncod: With well over 400,000 followers on Instagram, Klintoncod is an online comedian that became popular for doing funny skits. He is friends with Twyse and they have done some very funny videos together. Klintoncod is very versatile and does many relatable skits.
    Via Timiloaded – Blogger


3 of these comedians started their careers while in school, so don’t delay anymore. START now.

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