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Fashion tips to make you look like a boss

Being a boss comes with a lot of responsibilities, but your work isn’t the first thing people see. How you look is often how people perceive you. So, if you want to be perceived as a boss, you must dress as one, and you’ll attract the right kind of people.

Check out these fashion tips that take your work closet from ‘rookie intern’ to boss man/lady.

Always starch and iron
A nicely starched and ironed clothing item is always a lovely sight. Press your clothes firmly so your gator can be razor-like sharp. That’s probably where they got the term ‘looking sharp’ from.

Explore accessories

Dressing well makes you look good but accessorizing makes it perfect. Simple pieces of jewelry, wristwatches, suspenders, and bowties add that extra “oomph” to your look.

Smell nice
The right cologne is everything. You can’t go wrong with a nice one sprayed on your pulse areas e.g. wrist, neck etc. Make sure to note of the difference between body sprays, colognes, and roll-on to avoid staining your outfit.

Your shoe matters
As a boss, one high point of your overall outfit is your shoes. Ladies, always wear a comfortable but classy pair of heels; and for the gentlemen, a dapper laced shoe announces you from afar.

Style your hair nicely
Although hair rules vary with each workplace, your hair should always be nicely styled. Visit the hair salon regularly and step out looking like a boss!

What other tips are left? Tell us in the comments below.

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