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9 summer fashion “must-have” for ladies!

Ladies! Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to rock the sun and beaches. If you don’t have all the necessary fashion items for the season in your closet yet, here are some ideas. Which of these will you be rocking this summer?

  1. The sundress: So colorful and cute, sundresses are the life of the season and will have you looking like sunshine.
  2. Sun hats: Nothing protects your face better from sun rays, yet makes you glow non-stop. Rock your sun hat with the right dress and you’ll be ready for the perfect summer photoshoot by the beach.
  3. Cat glasses: Cat glasses are an absolute “YES” for the perfect classy look. They set a tone for the whole summer theme! Check out other cool sunglasses to wear this summer.
  4. Floral prints:
    via LimonTunic

     You can’t go wrong with floral prints, as they evoke good cheer and happiness. Most floral print fabrics are also light and perfect for the summer weather.

  5. Bikini: For our Slayonces in the building who already have their summer bodies loading, you know the right bikini is must-have to complete the slaying
  6. Hair bands: If you intend keeping your hair long (braids, weaves or natural) this summer, ensure you have a hair band handy. This will make the hot weather more bearable.
  7. Lip balm: Having a lip balm handy could be a lifesaver in summer. Did you know that petroleum jelly can also be used as a lip balm? Yep, it can!
  8. Body mist/body spray: The summer comes with heat and stress that could alter your body smell, so get a good non-irritant body spray or mist and smell super good all summer.
  9. Water: Always have a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated at all times and also for that ageless glow. We recommend one of those refillable bottles that are good for you and good for the environment, too.

Go have the best summer ever, Flexxer!

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