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4 ways you can save for a summer vacation

Via BAUCE Magazine

Summer holidays are upon us. Whether it’s a weekend beach vacation or a grand getaway overseas with family and friends, we’ve got 4 ways you can save for the summer vacation of your dreams.

Open a “vacation” savings account!

No, it doesn’t sound crazy. You should totally get a fresh and separate account that you could keep saving in until you’re set to make that summer trip. The Flexx account is just perfect for this, get one here in just 4 minutes

Put in extra work before the summer

It’s your gorgeous summer vacay we are talking about here, so put in those extra hours at work. Volunteer at events and gigs for the extra bucks and get that bill rollin’.

Make those transfers and get saving

No matter how little, transfer the funds you don’t need. Throw some loose change here and there into your Flexx account. For example, if the money you budget for a hair appointment turns out to be more than the actual cost, transfer the rest to your vacay account. Yes keh!

Collect your change

Yo! This has got to be the hardest thing these days. It’s a solid minus when all your change has been either forgotten or forfeited with sellers. When you think about all the loose change you let slip by, you’d be surprised at how much it amounts to. A great way to get this done is to ensure you use your Flexx Debit Card to make payments – so you don’t have to forget your change or buy sweets just because of “no change”.

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Where are you going this summer?

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