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Hello Team,

I am a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. Though,we are currently not in session. But It is #411 that’s buzzing right now. I am sure you’ve heard about it, The sexual harassment from a lecturer to a student.

My experience thus far on campus is the perfect definition of a roller-coaster ride. From the legendary strikes (NASU & ASUU), it has been to my advantage though, to the hearsay events, lectures, every single activity.

There was this lecturer I  had in year 1, she fixed her class for 6:30AM- 9 AM and she’s ever punctual, I really don’t know how she does it. If you get to the lecture theater by 6 am, Just know that you’ll be standing throughout that class. Having a class of over 500 students, this awesome woman marks attendance, calling out each name one after the other.

Perhaps you missed your name, forget it! You are not getting your bonus 10 marks completely. Truth be told, the class was awesome because the woman explains well.

All work and no play makes Mojo a dull girl, they say. There have been series of events organised on campus, guest artistes but I’ve attended just one but I really do not mind. There’s nothing special about it and I am able to save the money.

I tried joining an Organisation(AIESEC) but I could not due to some unforeseen situations even after paying for the form. So I became a Local Volunteer. I tried again when forms were being sold. I did not miss my exam this time and my interview (very first ever) was awesome. It really was an eye-opener. And so far the experience have been amazing, it has pushed me to my limits, assisted me in discovering myself better. My love for AIESEC knows no boundary. Less than 2 weeks of being an AIESECer, I became the Sales Manager for 7 months and I am currently the VP. Took some professional courses, started learning a foreign language, series of internship, a loooot of conferences in different states in Nigeria, an avenue to connect with people.

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My second year on campus was mainly AIESEC. My third year would be awesome! I can feel it.

The thing is, someone told me to open an account with your bank and since I did, it’s been dope all the way!

Oh well, I really can’t share all my experience.

So until then, do have a lovely day. I wish you all the very best.


Campus correspondent: Mojoyinola Balogun

300L, Obafemi Awolowo student

Vice President OGX, AISEC (Ife), 2018-19


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