Here is proof that Rihanna is an ultimate fashion icon

Rihanna is a fashion goddess, she is everything and more when it comes to fashion. She breaks boundaries and creates new rules when it comes to her clothing choices and style preferences. Here are 5 reasons we think Rihanna is an indisputable fashion icon:

She decides what is fashionable or ugly: Rihanna has made some questionable outfits look good. “How does she do it?” is the top question frequently asked about her outfits and style.

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● Sexy is spelled R.I.H.A.N.N.A: Her beauty and banging body makes her perfect for clothes and different types of styles.

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● She reps her culture: Rihanna doesn’t forget her roots – she attends her cultural carnivals, dresses in carnival attire and effortlessly slays in her casual traditional looks


● She introduced Fenty Beauty: She launched Fenty beauty products, her make up kits, which shook the fashion world. Fenty is now a booming fashion brand loved by customers all around the world.

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● She dominates the red carpets: Rihanna goes to the red carpet looking like her aim is to steal hearts – and she achieves that all the time! She slays every red carpet moment and every piece of fabric on her body.

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Now, this is who you’d call a style icon! Just look how she killed the #METGala.


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