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5 reasons why school is the best place to start a business

A lot of students have brilliant business ideas, but think the time isn’t right for them to start it.
The truth is that starting a business while in school is not too early and can actually be the
best time for you because of the following reasons;
1. Time and flexibility: While in school, you tend to have some time on your hands for
extracurricular activities, which means you can create time for your business and run it
2. The school environment allows for creativity: Your school environment is an
encouraging environment for opportunities and exploration of creative ideas for your
business. You could brainstorm with friends and other students on how to further
expand your business.
3. Excellent ground for surveys and feasibility studies: You could use your school
environment to test the waters for your business and get honest feedback from friends
and course mates.
4. Access to proper mentoring: Lecturers and other staff who are experts in your field
of business are available to mentor you and give you proper advice on how to run your
business. This is usually free of charge or for a very minimal amount of money.
5. You have something lined up for when you finish school: Starting a business while
in school ensures you’re never idle during breaks, after graduation or NYSC. It
provides a steady income stream that can be expanded into a multinational company

Don’t wait anymore Flexxer, start that campus business today!

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