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Best types of exercise and tips to help you build your abs

Developing your abs involves many things – eating the right meals, doing the right exercises
and, more than anything else, staying disciplined. There are many types of exercise that can
help you develop the sort of body you would like to have, even without going to the gym.

1. Sit-ups


Sit-ups are very effective in building stomach abs. Doing about 20 to 30 sit-
ups daily would yield positive results within a month.

2. Push-ups


Push-ups help with your arms and your shoulders. 20 to 30 push-ups daily
is a great number to start with.

3. Jogging This is a great exercise for your body. Jogging helps other organs of the
body, especially your heart, function properly.

4. Skipping


Skipping is an exercise that fascinates young and old, serving as a hobby to
some people. By skipping rope about 100 times a day, you build your arm and leg

5. Proper diet We can’t overemphasize how important a proper diet is to your workouts.
Eat only when necessary, stay away from fatty foods, eat more greens and foods high
in protein. These would help your body adjust faster to building your dream abs.

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