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Meet student beauty entrepreneur: Miss Kaseay

Sandra aka ‘Miss Kaseay’ is an exceptional makeup artist from Babcock University who recently launched her lash line.
Learn more about her in this interview.


Tell us about yourself

My name is Egolum Sandra Adanna. The first and only girl in a family of four. I’m from Agukwu-
Nri in Anaocha LGA, Anambra state. I’m still pursuing my B.Sc, MLSCN in Medical Laboratory
Science and I’m in my final year at Babcock University. I am a fun and easy-going person. I
dislike negativity and embrace positive energy. I love food a lot, I mean a lot and always love to
smile. I love adventure and trying out new things.

What was your inspiration to start up a makeup empire?

I discovered that I had a talent and it’s something I would love to do. I embraced this talent so
dear to my heart and have more inspiration from the likes of House of Tara, Anita Brows,
Bibiyonce and Mrs Elizabeth Osho.

How long have you been a CEO?

Mskaseay’s makeover is over 7 years old. I have been the CEO of this brand for over 7 years.


What would you say has been your high point since you started this journey?

Well, this journey wasn’t always smooth, it has had its sloppy areas. I would say that my
high point since I started this was when the right people came into my life, multiple inspiration
from powerful women and most conferences attended. The truth is when you have the right
energy, vibe and people around you, it keeps you moving and never giving up. One thing I’ve
learnt throughout this journey is to always keep my head high, aim high and never see people
as competition, rather use them to groom yourself.

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Who are the people you look up to/ your mentors?
House of Tara, Anitabrows, Bibiyonce, Jojostouch, Mud Fashion, Maybelline cosmetics, Zaron

What is your long-term goal?

To establish my own makeup brand and studio, as well as establish my lash line which I just
recently launched. I’d love to create an avenue to educate and tutor youths who have the same
passion as myself and to be among one of the top makeup artists in the entertainment industry.


What would you advice fellow Flexxers wishing to pursue this similar path?

Invest in yourself. Time and money. Time to learn everything and money to fetch more money. If
you have a passion for something, never give up. Strive hard and watch “you” reach your
dreams and goals. Though the road isn’t smooth or so many obstacles may be on the way, try
to defeat them and aim high. Like I said, you make money to fetch more money. Invest wisely.


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