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5 yummy foods you can have for breakfast

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I think you would agree with me when i say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And because of how important it is, you have to make it yummy. There are a lot of yummy foods, here is a list of some that you could have for breakfast.

  1. Cereal: A bowl of cereal in the morning is a good breakfast choice. Not only is it yummy, it is fast to prepare.
  2. French toast: Who doesn’t love a good french toast? They go well with frozen yogurts.
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  3. fruit smoothies: Not so many things are healthy and taste so good.
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  4. Sandwich: There are so many types of sandwiches, you can make one based on your preferred type.
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  5. Oatmeals: There are good morning grains for your body, very healthy and delicious, you can take them with milk.
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