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Steps to take when trying a meal for the first time

Let’s not get so cranky but though arguable, one can say that there is quite a constraint on delicacies that are being rotated in the average Nigerian home today, i.e. rice, beans, yam, eggs, plantain and ‘swallow’. However, it doesn’t signify that Nigerians lack a range of delectable chow.

From Amala to Dambunama to Ofe Owerri, there is still a wide array of dishes not yet tried out. There are local and international restaurants where lovely recipes are listed on the menu that you haven’t tasted before and before you do, here are a few steps to guide you when trying a meal for the first time.


Talk to the chef if possible

You may do this out of despair or just plain curiosity but it’s always nice to have a little chit chat with the inventor or cook who prepared what you’re about to try out. Ask needed and polite questions in case of allergies to some ingredients and other personal reasons. Try not to be too inquisitive or bothersome because some cooks can be taken aback by that.


Keep your mind bare


We don’t want to be eating Calamari’s and expect it to taste like chicken wings. Have it in mind that you’re about to ingest a new meal that may caress or deteriorate your taste buds for life ? so don’t get upset if you don’t like it, just grab a glass of water or wine ?.

Ask for a little portion of the meal for your first try

You can’t go requesting for a huge chunk of what you might dislike. So, kindly demand for a few spoons initially. Always better than wasting a nice plate of food. If you like it a lot, don’t be shy to ask for seconds! This move can inspire the cook.


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Always smile and leave a compliment whether you it like it or not


‘I remember tasting tofu for the first time in 2011 at my school cafeteria and I was being observed by some older students. The fork literally vibrated while moving towards my mouth and I sniffed it a bit (wrong) before chewing. I paused midway, smiled at them, then I reached out for a serviette in my purse and slowly conveyed the meal to the tissue.’- Anonymous flexxer


Say grace (if you’re religious)

Mom taught us to pray before eating anything. Be thankful for the provision of the food, the chef who prepared it and lastly for the bellies balling them in!

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