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How to get higher sales/patronage this Valentine

It’s the season of love and an opportunity to increase your sales/patronage early in the year. Whatever business you’re into, there’s always a way or 2 to take advantage of the lovey-dovey  period to make more cash and profit for your small business.

We have some ideas

  • Valentines deals This valentine, offer your customers more than the regular service. Package two or more of your services together in combo deals at a fairly reduced fee and watch them rush to get it.
  • Val sales: Yesss, people are going to be doing a lot of gifting so there’s definitely going to be a lot of buying, why don’t you make it worth their while by selling to them at a fee that’ll make them buy more or in bulk?
  • Valentine giveaway: This works superb in getting you new customers/clients, the giveaway conditions can be that they tag their friends or share your posts on their pages.
  • Special gifts Nothing says you’re thoughtful than a little ‘I love you’ note, gift or card in your customer’s purchases, this will definitely have them referring more people to you and making extra purchases; after all it’s the season of love.
  • Start #BankingOnLove  The whole idea of selling/offering a service is to make money, what if we tell you there’s a way to make cool cash every week this month? Cool right? Click here (#BankingOnLove S2) to get all the juicy details ASAP and start #BankingOnLove now!

Wishing you lots of love Flexxer

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