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5 ways to be a smarter version of you


Dedicate time to learn something new everyday. Thanks to the internet you can gather knowledge about almost everything, a foreign language, preparing a new cuisine, fighting Kong Fu, graphics design, whatever suits your interest is here on the web! 30 minutes everyday could be allotted to gathering knowledge about something new.


Exercise more

It not only keeps you in shape, exercises are important for keeping you healthy and fit. It also lowers your chances of falling ill. Exercises can be as simple as taking a stroll which is great for blood circulation. Remember that having a healthy diet also complements a good workout routine. When your body feels and looks great, the mind can be prepared to assimilate all the positive and productive things life has to offer.



Books, articles, journals, poems should be a daily habit. This improves your vocabulary and logical capabilities. Focus on learning unfamiliar words, the brain is yearning for new words to digest and reading everyday will suffice. you can also look up new words from the dictionary and synonyms to words you feel has been over used by you.


Less time on social media

 Social media is for connecting with friends and are also used for business promotions. However, time flies when you find yourself an hour deep into the explore page not knowing exactly why your there. Social media should be used in moderation, that time can be used for reading or watching motivational talks.


Motivational talks

These are highly inspirational ways of getting you smarter. Select specific mentors in your field or who deliver relatable talks that could build your mental, social & spiritual life. Find smart persons who provide brilliant and practical content that can increase your life value. You can benefit a lot from these talks and also impact on others your new lifestyle.

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