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10 types of dates that you can have with Bae Indoors

Sometimes you want to have a good time with bae, but you don’t have money to spend, or you just don’t want to go out. The truth is that you can have a pretty good time with your partner indoors, and there are many inhouse activities that could make for an interesting date.

  1. Do some cooking together: Cooking together can be fun, bake a cake or cookies.
  2. Play board games or cards: there are many board games you could play with your partner, Jigsaw puzzles, chess, scrabble…
  3. Netflix and chill: You can both see a movie together, this is a very popular type of indoor date
  4. Bubble bath: Make a romantic bath and be in it together, you can top it up with wine, candles and music
  5. Have interesting conversations : You can snack over interesting convos with your partner
  6. Body massage for each other: Do i need to explain how interestingly sensual this is?
  7. Play dress up and do a photoshoot: There’s so much fun that comes out of just doing random photoshoots with your partner
  8. Play some music and dance with each other: Slow music, Jams, any type of music that you can your partner can enjoy.
  9. Get drunk and play truth or dare: Getting drunk together to play ToD helps you loosen up. You don’t necessarily need to get drunk to play
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  10. Go through family pictures and albums together: This always brings embarrassing and adorable memories.

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