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February is for #BankingOnLove! Are you ready?

Hey Flexxer!

How’s it going? Glad to finally see the end of January right? We too.

One of our most exciting months of the year is almost here and we just can’t keep calm.


The month of February is the season for #BankingOnLove and this year is going to be a MILLION times better ! Yes you read right, we said a MILLION times!


Wanna be the first to know when #BankingOnLove goes live? Click here

Got what it takes to start #BankingOnLove? Your Flexx account and card are important necessities required to start #BankingOnLove, open your Flexx account here in just 4 minutes and go pick up your Flexx card at any of our branches instantly. (Check out our closest branch to you here)


See you when we start #BankingOnLove Flexxer!

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