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Important things Corpers must take to camp.

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Going to camp can be annoying, especially when you have no idea whatsoever about NYSC, I remember when I was going to camp, I made more than 100 calls to my friends because I was so clueless on things I should and shouldn’t take along with me to camp. So, if you’re a Corper that’s just heading for camp without an idea of what to do, this is a life saver for you.

I will start by  spelling out the things you would need from your institution.

  • Your original certificate or statement of result, not photocopy, not scanned but original, this is very important, without either of the two you wouldn’t be allowed to register in camp. I remember one guy that had to go back to Anambra from Lagos camp because he brought a photocopy of his certificate.
  • Your school ID card, this is also very important, you might be allowed to register, depending on the person doing your registration, but you would miss out on a lot of things in camp, like all your allowances, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that would you?
  • While registering for NYSC online, you were asked to print out in some documents out in color to take to camp, those are also very important, your original green card and call up letter (don’t laminate), alongside at least 5 photocopies of each.
  • NYSC camp also requires you to do a medical fitness test from any recognized government hospital, bring the original copy of the result, along with 5 photocopies. At least 10 copies of your passport photograph. It is advisable to put all the important documents in a file bag.
  • In camp, there is a dress code for Mondays till Saturdays, all white from neck to toes. So, you’re expected to bring plain white shirts shorts and socks, 6 white shirts would do, 3 white shorts and 6 socks. The only thing that doesn’t need to be white is your waist pouch, yes, a waist pouch, it’s necessary.
  • Another very important thing, Take enough money with you to camp, because, trust me, you will spend.

All these items mentioned, along with provisions and toiletries and you’re camp ready.

Behave yourself in camp, and it will be a smooth camp experience.


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