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Types of haircuts cool male Flexxers rock.


Regardless of your head-shape, there is a hairstyle for you that fits you like a glove. From fade, to afro, to dreadlocks, here is a list of hairstyles you can try.

Clean shaveThis is a very popular hairstyle, especially for guys in the beard gang category.


Wavy fadeThis type of fade is mainly for people who have a rough hair, it has a very nice vibe to it and connects well with the youths.


Low cut

Image gotten from Latest Men Haircuts.

If you want to look as fresh as Trey Songs, this hairstyle is for you, its simple and precise.



There are so many styles guys can do with dreadlocks, short dreads, long dreads, faded dreads…



Some guys just love to let their hair grow, then trim it once in a while, so it doesn’t grow out of shape.


Clean cut fade

Image gotten from

This is a very popular hairstyle among the Nigerian youth. its stylishly simple.

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