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Thinking of going natural? Take note of these things

Natural hair is the go to for a lot of ladies now and you can see them flaunting their shiny afros and really nice styles.

You’re probably considering becoming a naturalist yourself but before taking that step, here are some things to note.

Know your hair type  There are four notable hair types- straight, wavy, curly and kinky. In West Africa, kinky hair is the most common with its features being dry and prone to breakage.  Knowing your hair type/texture will enable you deal with shrinkage the best way possible and also determine what kind of hair products that would suit your hair.

Do your research Before deciding to go natural, a lot of inquiries should be made using the internet and also with hair professionals to give you a lowdown on what to expect i.e hair conditions in climate changes, natural oils and ingredients e.g Shea butter, coconut oil, that enriches your hair.

Budget: Most people say that natural hair consumes a lot of products and it can also be tempting to buy all these items off the shelf. Having a budget and knowing the number of products you intend to purchase are literal money savers, our post here on extremely cheap products that are awesome for natural hair is your go to guide.  Also allocate some time for natural hair making because some styles take forever to get done.

Brace yourself for changes Understand that everyone has a unique hair pattern. Because a girl on Instagram grew 4 inches in 4 weeks doesn’t mean your hair could do the same. Hair texture, volume and density can vary due to genetics or even diet.

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Develop a routine  Once you are assured on the products that work well for you, create a consistent hair-care plan. Even if you have to drive halfway across the city to that stylist or sit with YouTube, a mirror and your kit, go for it! The aim is to have a luscious healthy bounce.

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