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The healthy flexxer: how to keep your breath fresh all day long

As a happy Flexxer who loves to laugh and enjoy flexxing with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances; it is important that you keep your breath fresh all day so you don’t turn people off or make them avoid talking to you.

Below are very cheap and healthy ways to keep your breath fresh all day long.


  1. Regular brushing Regular brushing not only gives you fresh breath, it also gives you sparkling white teeth. Our flexxer’s guide to sparkling white teeth here is your best friend.
  2. Clean your tongue  Some people forget to brush/clean their tongues while brushing and this causes plaques, discoloring and very unpleasant smells to stick to tongue thereby causing mouth odors.
  3. Water is your best friend  We talked about the benefits of water in our post here, water also helps ward off bad breath by making your body hydrated and flushing out bacteria, food particles and unpleasant scents that may have settled in your mouth. A cup of water is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and your breath cool especially when you’ve been silent for a while.
  4. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables  Apples, Carrots, paw paw, cucumbers, pears etc give really fresh and nice smelling breath. Snack on them a lot! They also do your body a whole lot of good.
  5. Use an alcohol free mouthwash This will keep your mouth moist and change away odor causing bacterias.

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