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Dear small business owner, here are some Christmas gift ideas for your customers

It’s the end of the year and as a small business owner, you’re probably at a loss of what to gift your customers, workers (if any) and clients, your worries might stem from limited funds or not even knowing what to get them. The importance of gifting people who have helped to make your business what it is cannot be overemphasizes, it lets them know you appreciate them and you look forward to even bigger contributions from them in the coming year.

So, thinking of what to gift them that won’t break your bank?  We have some ideas for you.

Extras and free products/services: What better way to tell a customer you appreciate their patronage than to give them a free or extra service/product, that will most definitely male their day or year even.

Branded items: Branded items like flash drives, note pads, flasks, mugs, shirts, caps, carrier bags, pens and other everyday use items are perfect for gifting clients. not only are they bound to use the items and remember you whenever they use it (leading to more them coming back to patronize you), they also provide free publicity for your business because other people will see the items with them and may reach out when your services are needed.

Books: Books no matter their price are very valuable items, they carry knowledge and provide one of the favorite pastimes of most people. If you’re getting your clients a book, ensure it’s one that will add immense value to their lives.

Thank you notes/messages: Few things warm and steal the heart of consumers like heartfelt and personalized ‘thank you notes or messages’. If you’re really low on cash for physical gifts, a thank you note or message is perfect, you can even text it to them if you don’t want buy papers for handwritten notes.

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