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Here are 4 things you can do in 4 minutes (No. 4 will blow your mind)

4 minutes seems like an awfully short time to get something important done right?

We know some super important and cool things that you can get done in just 4 minutes!

  1. Brush your teeth and wash your face: Because hygiene is key and you gotta show the whole world that million dollar smile of yours.
  2. Watch a music video: Your favorite jam at the moment’s music video just dropped. Watch it and have the most fun of your life in just 4 minutes.
  3. Make a delicious plate of noodles: Who doesn’t love food? We definitely do and here some pictures of  delicious Nigerian foods to brighten your day
  4. OPEN A FLEXX ACCOUNT: Ever opened a bank account with a selfie? Find out just how cool the Flexx life is when you open your Flexx account in just 4 MINUTES! Click here to start.


Awesome right? lol watch this!

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