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Now that you’ve finished NYSC, what next?

Via Naij

First things first, our huge and hearty congratulations to the Flexxers who just completed their mandatory National Youth Service Corps.

You have probably heard a thousand times that the Nigerian labour market is a tough and unfriendly one, this is the truth and only the prepared comes out winning.

If your plan is to kickstart your career right after your NYSC, then you’re in luck because we have something special that will put you ahead of your fellow job seekers. Head right to the #FlexxCareerSeries here to equip yourself with tips and lessons from HR managers from leading organizations on getting your dream job with ease.

You can also check out the top 5 mistakes fresh graduates make when applying for jobs here and take the quiz to find out how prepared you are to get your dream job here.

A flexx account will ease you into a world of unlimited financial fun and freedom, get yours here if you dont have one yet.


Wishing you the best of luck Flexxer! Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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